TPIE is the smart way to start your 2018 business year. Spend 3 days in Ft. Lauderdale and return home with a year's worth of inspired ideas and profitable connections. TPIE offers the newest and most diverse collection of tropical plants, foliage and related products from the industry's leading companies.

Increase your ROI (Return on Investment), ROR (Return on Relationships) and ROE (Return on Experience) by taking part in these TPIE special features all included with your trade show registration.

2018: TPIE’s Opening Session
Wednesday, January 17; 9 – 10 a.m. – Free with your show badge!

Unlock the Opportunities: A Look at Evolving Consumer Trends for 2018 and Beyond
Presented by Maxwell Luthy

Max takes the overwhelming world of consumer trends and turns them into opportunity. You’ll hear critical consumer trends to 2020, the innovations they are driving and the opportunities they present to your organization.

Maxwell Luthy, Director of Trends & Insights is the head of the North America office of TrendWatching which delivers trend presentations at conferences around the world. He previously oversaw the company's 3,000-member trendspotter network and co-authored Trend-Driven Innovation. TrendWatching is a worldwide organization which shares consumer trends, insights & tools to empower companies to build brands which matter, products to delight and campaigns people can't stop talking about.

The TPIE Opening Session is complimentary to all TPIE attendees and exhibitors. The level of expertise offered at this session would typically cost thousands of dollars for an individual company to access, yet it’s conveniently yours for the cost of a TPIE show badge.

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New: TPIE Exceeding Expectations Session | Sponsored by the National Horticulture Foundation (NHF)

Thursday, January 18, 3 p.m. – Free with your show badge!

Breathing Room – The Home Décor Trend Connecting Nature and Wellness
Presented by
Suzi McCoy and Katie McCoy Dubow, Garden Media Group

Indoor plants, always appreciated for their beauty, are not new a phenomenon. However, the marked increase of plants in interior settings is more than a fad as people are surrounding themselves with plants that help clean the air and clear the mind.

Suzi McCoy and Katie McCoy Dubow from the Garden Media Group will provide insights on the Breathing Room movement, as well as other timely horticulture-related trends which show the growing connection between people, plants and wellness.


2018 Create Theater Workshops – Plants as Living Décor, from the Top Down and the Bottom Up | Free with your show badge!

Presented by the American Institute of Floral Designers (AIFD)

No more are indoor plants placed only on a window shelf or as a potted plant on side table. Plants are moving front and center as home and office dêcor, being selected by architectural qualities, color hues and container style. Thursday and Friday morning workshops at the TPIE Create Theater will feature creative living décor designs, with one workshop focusing on floor and table top creations and the second workshop focusing on hanging and wall living art.

Afternoon sessions on Thursday and Friday will provide those attending a chance to create their own living décor, with containers and plants being provided. A “show and tell” session will give participants a chance to show off and explain their creations.


TPIE Road Show with Education on the Go!

Wednesday, January 17, 12 Noon – 5 p.m. | Ticketed Sessions and Tours

TPIE’s Education on the Go! starts in a classroom where attendees will learn new skills, focus on trends and marketing strategies or expand their creative reach. Each workshop is designed to allow attendees to tailor their experience by choosing from the workshops offered in the morning and then choosing a tour of choice in the afternoon. Registration is required and seating is limited on the tours.



Trending Interiorscape Themes and Projects

Thursday, January 19, 11:30 a.m. | Free with your show badge!

With TPIE as a favorite event for interiorscapers world-wide, it’s the perfect place for colleagues to share what is hot in the interiorscape service market. Get an insider’s look at tips and tools to take advantage of trends such as green walls, wellness centers and more. Session takes place at the Create Theater.



TPIE Interior Design Showrooms
Free with your show badge!

Plants are an integral part interior décor these days. Anya Cesar, ASID, of Anya Renise Design Group, turns the convention center lobby into TPIE’s Interior Design Showrooms. The showcase offers interior vignettes which pair plant designs with current interior trends.  This is the perfect place to collect ideas to incorporate plant style with design style.




TPIE’s Happy Hour
Wednesday, January 17; 5 – 6 p.m. | Free with your show badge!

Rejuvenate after a busy first show day with a cocktail and good conversation. The party takes advantage of Fort Lauderdale’s mild winter temperatures, taking place in the outdoor fountain courtyard of the convention center. We’re told the TPIE Happy Hour has been the place where many successful business connections had their beginning. All compliments of Suntory Sun Parasol Collection.

Tristen’s Top Tropical Plants for Contemporary Landscapes
Friday, January 19, 10 – 10:45 a.m. | Free with your show badge!

Tropical plants are taking a prominent place in new landscapes as they offer bright colors, interesting foliage and extend the choices for pollinator-friendly flowering plants. Tristen Bowen, area landscape manager for Marriott Vacation Club, shares her top plant recommendations for sub-tropical and tropical landscapes. A graduate of the University of Florida with a degree in Environmental Horticulture, Tristen has fifteen years experience overseeing commercial landscapes in sub-tropical areas. While she’s knowledgeable in all areas of landscape management, she doesn’t mind being known as a plant geek first. Tristen’s presentation will take place at the Create Theater.

TPIE Welcome Orientation
Wednesday, January 17, 8 a.m. | Free with your show badge!

TPIE’s Welcome Orientation brings together TPIE first-timers and long-timers to learn what’s happening at the show and meet others. This friendly event takes place Wednesday at 8 a.m., coffee provided!

Wednesday is Garden Writer Day at TPIE!
Wednesday, January 17

Connecting the nation's garden writers and communicators with TPIE and its exhibitors, FNGLA has invited key garden communicators to participate in TPIE's Road Shows with Education on the Go-- for a complete afternoon of Florida plant emersion. Then opening day, there's VIP seating at TPIE's Opening Session and a special show chairman show tour designed to feature top items of interest. There's plenty around South Florida for Garden Communicators to enjoy-- we hope they'll come see, touch and connect with Florida and their garden communicator peers!

Cool Stuff at TPIE
Thursday, January 18, 2 p.m. – Free with your show badge!

The Cool Products Awards Presentation is a quick and easy way to see what’s trending at TPIE, as it showcases the top 15 cool plants and products voted on by buyers at the show.  Presentation takes place on Friday afternoon.


TPIE's Exhibitor Showcase
Open continuously throughout the show – Free with your show badge!

This is the place exhibitors spotlight their new plants and products as well as products which have done well in the marketplace. Take time to study the dozens of items being featured, then visit the exhibitors’ booths for more details.