TPIE offers an array of happenings, unique to each show. For 2018, we're still planning a great experience... so you'll need to check back for special events.

Last Year's 2017 Events:
2017: TPIE’s Opening Session
Wednesday, January 18; 9 – 10 a.m. – Free with your show badge!

Where Plants and Lifestyle Trends Connect
Presented by Jane Lockhart

As consumers look to integrate beauty, wellness and nature into their lives, plants and gardens – both interior and exterior – offer a value-packed component to enrich people lives. As an interior designer and trend-spotter, Jane Lockhart provides insights on how plants work best as interior decor for today’s consumer as well as how to keep the connection going between plants, people and the places where they live, work and socialize.

Jane Lockhart is Principal Designer of the Toronto firm she founded in 1997, Jane Lockhart Interior Design. She’s an award-winning designer, TV personality, and author – well-known for her expertise in interior design, trend-spotting and color. Jane is a fresh voice on consumer spending, millennial behavior and has practical yet innovative ideas on increasing the role of live plants as important elements of interior and human lifestyle. Sponsored by Live Trends Design Group and SK/Soendgen Keramik.


New: TPIE Exceeding Expectations Session
Sponsored by the National Foliage Foundation (NFF)

Thursday, January 19, 3 p.m. – Free with your show badge!

The Lowline Lab & Subterranean Parks: How, Why, and What It Means for the Future of Our Industry

Mark Mini and Andrew Engel, of John Mini Distinctive Landscapes (JMdl), explore the Lowline project and its aspirations to become the first underground park with flora supported by natural sunlight. They will discuss why this project excites them, how they embarked on it, and how it will change the game in the interior plantscaping industry.

Mark Mini is the Vice President of Operations at John Mini Distinctive Landscapes (JMdl). Mark oversees the maintenance and installations within the exterior, interior, and holiday departments. Mark found his passion at John Mini Distinctive Landscapes, where the purpose is to makes places beautiful, functional and sustainable by bringing nature to the places people live, work and play. Photo by Ramsay de Give for the New York Times

Andrew Engel is an Account Manager & Lead Horticulturalist for John Mini Distinctive Landscapes (JMdl). He oversees all aspects of the Interior Horticultural Team in New York City and is the lead horticulturalist for the Lowline Lab. Passionate about all things horticulture, he relishes in the opportunity to drive the boundaries between our natural and built worlds.

TPIE's ‘Create Theater' Sessions
presented by the American Institute of Floral Designers (AIFD)
Free with your show badge!

Four informal, idea-packed sessions will take place, courtesy of the American Institute of Floral Designers (AIFD), two per day on Wednesday and Thursday. Guest designers will provide ideas and inspiration to connect foliage and floral designs with a focus on merchandising and displaying plants for increased sales. See the session line-up!


TPIE Interior Design Showrooms
Vignettes designed by Anya Cesar, ASID
Free with your show badge!

Plants are the shining accent of specially designed interior spaces in the Main Lobby at TPIE where the TPIE Interior Design Showrooms will be on display. The showcase offers three interior vignettes designed by Anya Cesar, ASID, of Anya Renise Design Group, which pair plant designs with current interior trends. This is the perfect place to collect ideas to match plants to consumer homes and workspaces.




TPIE’s Happy Hour
Wednesday, January 18; 5 – 6 p.m. – Free with your show badge!

Wind down after a day on the show floor with a cocktail and continue the conversation with new friends and industry peers. Mingle alfresco with the sounds of live music and a gentle breeze. All compliments of Suntory.

TPIE Welcome Orientation
Wednesday, January 18, 8 a.m. – Free with your show badge!

TPIE’s Welcome Orientation brings together TPIE first-timers and long-timers to learn what’s happening at the show and meet others. This friendly event takes place Wednesday at 8 a.m., coffee provided!


TPIE Road Shows
Tuesday, January 17

Ticketed Event, Education Sessions 8:30 - 11:30 a.m., Tours Noon - 5 p.m.

The TPIE Road Show and various education sessions bring small groups of people with like interests together, making it easy to make connections, share ideas and add to your network of people resources. See details on the education and tour options!

Wednesday is Garden Writer Day at TPIE!
Wednesday, January 18

Connecting the nation's garden writers and communicators with TPIE and its exhibitors, FNGLA has invited key garden communicators to be a part of a two-day event starting Tuesday, January 17 for a Garden & Design Tour and then on Wednesday, January 18, TPIE offers VIP seating at TPIE's Opening Session and a special show floor tour designed to pinpoint top items of interest and help writers navigate the floor. There's plenty around South Florida for Garden Communicators to enjoy-- and we're hoping they'll stay Thursday for more tour options and sights related to Florida plants!

Cool Stuff at TPIE
Thursday, January 19, 2 p.m. – Free with your show badge!

Want to know what’s trending at TPIE? The Cool Products Awards Presentation is a quick and lively way, as it showcases the top 15 cool retail and interiorscape plants and products voted on by buyers at the show. It’s a quick and fun way to see what’s trending at TPIE.


TPIE's Exhibitor Showcase
Open continuously throughout the show – Free with your show badge!

This is the place exhibitors highlight their new plants and products as well as products which have done well for others in the marketplace. Located just outside the entrance to the show, this is a convenient spot to study the dozens of items being featured and then visit the exhibitor’s booths for more details on the ones which pique your interest.

FNGLA Horticulture Career Fair

Friday, January 20, 11 a.m. – 12 Noon

FNGLA reaches out to tomorrow's leaders by hosting a Horticulture Career Fair at TPIE. This interactive program brings together high school students, industry educators and potential employers in a high-energy environment. Following this educational and competitive event, students are invited to tour the TPIE show floor to learn more about the vast scope of Florida's nursery and landscape industry. Learn more about the FNGLA Horticulture Career Fair.